Court Decision came into effect about unlawful actions of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment

ГУФСИН Свердловской области блокирует телефонный номер члену ОНК

On 27 May 2015 at the Sverdlovsk regional court an appeal petition by the Federal Service for Execution of punishment against a decision of the Verkh-Isetsky court (25.02.2015) was being examined. This decision stated that the Federal Service unlawfully had ordered to mobile carrier to stop providing service to a member of Public Monitoring Committee.

Let’s remind that in summer 2014 “MTS” blocked sim-card at the order of the Federal Service run by General Khudodozhkov.

The order was signed by deputy Zagaynov using report of some officer who had stated that there were arrested people at the pretrial detention center-1 who posed threats towards witnesses using mobile devices with number +7982*******. The order also said that sim-card had been taken away but it turned out that it was not true.

It was not possible because my sim-card has always been with me and never been lost.

The Federal Service made a request to locate my sim-card and according to “MTS” since January till July 2014 it says that number was being used in different areas of Yekaterinburg and close to the pretrial detention center-1 (it is located close to the Federal Service and the Verkh-Isetsky court). I visit these places in a professional capacity.

My number was blocked when we actively worked on the penal colony-63 where prisoners write complaints about tortures in there.

As a result, for a whole month I couldn’t use my phone number; convicts and their relatives were not able to reach me.

Court hearings lasted for 3 months; lawyers Vladimir Kapustin and Roman Kachanov.

And now trial on 27 May 2015 decision of the Verkh-Isetsky came into effect.

We will post it as soon as we get it.

Larisa Zakharova, member of the Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee,

Lawyer of Association “Legal Basis”


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