Human rights defenders are learning how to apply to the European Court of Human Rights


On 23-27 May 2015 in the International University in Moscow a seminar about complaints to the European Court of Human Rights was held for lawyers, attorneys and representatives of human rights organizations with help of Russian Public Movement “For human rights”.

The main theme was “Complaints to the European Court: theory and practice”.

The programme of the seminar was developed by “International Protection Centre” (in Strasbourg­). This organization has won more than 200 cases at the European Court.

Director of “For human rights” Lev Ponomarev opened the seminar.


There were important instructors: judge emeritus of the European Court and professor Anatoly Kovler, lawyers Karina Moskalenko, Oksana Preobrazhenskaya, Mariya Samorodkina and Valery Shukhardin.

In the course of the seminar instructors explained to participants how to apply articles of Convention on Human Rights, how effectively to go to the Court, how to avoid mistakes. In general participants had 40 hours of the education.

Карина Москаленко

Валерий Шухардин

Instructors told defenders how to represent a complaint, to work on position of applicant, find right arguments; how to conduct a case at the national court in order not to lose chances for the European Court.

Оксана Преображенская

Карина Москаленко2

To check retention of new information, participants took a final test. After assessment, the seminar instructors granted certificates to each participant.

Roman Kachanov, lawyer

On behalf of the Sverdlovsk region participated Director of Association “Legal Basis” Aleksey Sokolov, lawyers Roman Kachanov, Fedor Akchermushev and Natalya Kochneva who will apply this knowledge in their work.

Human rights defenders of the Urals

Photo: Petr Kuryanov


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