Prosecutor is ill?


Recently I’ve seen paper called: Report on law violation elimination written by deputy prosecutor A.V. Kazantsev.

It was very hot outside and as I was waiting for a bus I could manage to read this masterpiece.

It was hilarious and at the same time sad. I was wondering if prosecutor staff ever study law or read books. Kazantsev serves as Mayor and he is someone who has to observe laws and teach others.

Why was I so surprised?

That report was about organization «Legal Basis» which provides convicts with free legal help at the correctional facilities.

According to prosecutor, crimes of «Legal Basis» were that organization made a stand for former Mayor Matveyv who had posted photos «How Russian soldiers are fed»; organization published reports about court hearings connected with statements of convict B. about tortures at the penal colony; these facts were confirmed by Public Monitoring Committee. Human rights defender Sokolov and member of Public Committee Rubakov handed that statements to Ombudsman of the Russian Federation, the General Prosecutor office and the Federal Service for Execution of punishment. Also defenders published the report about trial at the Verkh-Isetsky court concerning complaint by lawyer Okushko about prosecutor decision which had rejected to initiate criminal proceedings on death of Kartoyev at the penal colony-2.

From things mentioned above prosecutor concludes that «Organization meant to influence state policy in the field of human rights and freedoms, especially of people serving their sentences with help of free legal consultations and court hearings».

On the fifth page of this report prosecutor says that members of Organization challenged laws and regulations and published information about it. For example, how Supreme Court had cancelled orders of Ministry of Health which forbade meetings with ill convicts.

Prosecutor didn’t like words of defenders: «at the penal colony-2 there is a rule when this order is used to forbid meetings with convicts. That time inmates were subjects to tortures and nobody could help… «. Prosecutor didn’t like also phrase: «We discovered a problem concerning denial of access for defenders and members of Public Monitoring Committee. We will fix this problem soon.»

Then prosecutor concludes: «Thus actions of Organization were not meant to defend people but change current legal system about detainment of people».

Then: «Organization informs public about problem concerning convicts’ rights violations by panel discussions,  meetings and pickets.» There are two examples: publication about public letter of defenders about dangerous situation at the penal colony-2 «where convicts die under weird circumstances»; publication about solo picket by Alekset Sokolov against tortures.

From those examples prosecutor concludes:

«Mentioned facts prove that Association «Assistance in legal defense «Legal Basis» has political activity meant to change existing state policy«.

On the sixth page there is strange abstract from article posted on our site about the same penal colony-2.

Prosecutor considers this article to be «negatively valuating penitentiary system.»

On the seventh page there is analysis of two articles from Organization’s site where defenders speak about illegal denial of access for representatives of Public Committee in the penal colony-2.

Prosecutor expressed resentment by negative evaluation of prosecutor’s work and stated: «Analysis of those articles let us say that work of Organization intends to change decisions made by officers from the Federal Service for Execution of punishment. Publications cause public attention, political tension and shape negative public opinion which may destabilize social situation.

In the media and on Organization’s site escalates situation and shapes opinion that penitentiary system is ineffective.

He says: «Organization affects the public interests as well as human rights and freedoms of people regardless of form of participation in political field».

Having read it, I realized that this nonsense has been written by order of Prosecutor office to declare public organization foreign agent and show negatively.

Кировская прокуратура ПРЕДСТАВЛЕНИЕ 001стр.2





Vladimir Yakovlevich Kapustin, attorney.

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