Trial against picketers


On 1 June 2015 at the Leninsky regional court trials concerning picket organizer and a participant near the police department-5 finished.

Let’s remind you that on 30 May 2015 near the police department-5 in Yekaterinburg picket against police abuse of power was held.

After 1,5 hour of picketing the organizer Yuri Izotov and one of the participants Rustam Mustafin were arrested by police officers; literally officers dragged them inside.

The first one delivered for court hearing was handcuffed Rustam Mustafin. It turned out that Mustafin had been set free at 13:30 according to administrative record and at court he was not supposed to have handcuffs.

When defender Vyacheslav Bashkov found out about this law violation, he asked name of police officer holding Rustam and besides why Rustam was under police escort? Police officer refused to represent himself because in his opinion he doesn’t have to do it for every unknown person he meets, as for handcuffs he referred it to the order of Head M.A.Gileva. «If she says to let him go, I will do it.»

Bashkov had to go to see Gileva to solve this problem. After quick conversation, officer took off handcuffs.

Trial went fast. Having heard out witnesses, lawyer Roman Kachanov and Rustam himself, judge Yulia Melnikova went into executive session. Witnesses stated that arrest had been unlawful; nobody said to him he had been arrested; officers just dragged him inside to talk.

All the participants left courtroom. While waiting outside, participants saw how judge Melnikova opened the door and announced that she had already read out decision. People were wonder struck. Later secretary said that according to court decision Mustafin had been declared guilty and fined in the amount of 800 rubles.

арест паспортовAt the other court room administrative case of Yuri Izotov was being studied, court bailiff demanded passports from participants and audience. Having checked passports, bailiff gave them back only to participants. Passports of audience were locked in the cage for accused. During court process bailiff was sitting next to passports, apparently he was protecting them.

Judge Shashkov was running court hearing; he heard out witnesses, accusation, watched videotape and read out police records.

In records it says that across two blokes picketers were distributing leaflets humiliating police department. When picketer saw officers, he run away. But how come that leaflet happened to be in hands of police officer if picketer run away. Another record by Smirnov says that one of picketers handed police office a leaflet saying we will put trash-cops where they belong.

Lawyer Roman Kachanov made a motion to call this officer, but judge denied it.

листовкаAlso during trial information was read out about phone calls from people who were complaining that they heard slogans and phrases touching dignity of President of the Russian Federation.

Witnesses of defense stated that they had not broken law and never shouted out slogans against President. They yelled things like: Shame on police department-5 or Policeman, observe laws. To do it and not use sound-amplifying devices is permitted by law.

Policemen didn’t warm Yuri Izotov, they were taping it only.

This day trial has not been finished, judge put it off on 2 June 2015.

According to court decision, Yuri Izotov is found guilty under art. 20.2 and fined on 10 000 rubles. Also court passed recommendation towards police department-5 that they didn’t stop actions of picketers.

Court decision will be received by Yuri Izotov only the next week.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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