Defenders stopped Special Police Force

Хроника Невьянских событий. Видение правозащитника

Lev Ponomarev:

-Yesterday Yekaterinburg human rights defender Aleksey Sokolov called me and told about peaceful protest in the penitentiary. He said to suppress that protest Special Police Force is being brought inside. After urgent call to the Federal Service for Execution of punishment and the Chairman of Human Rights Council under President M.A. Fedotov it was possible to stop Special Police Force.

Aleksey Sokolov:

Yesterday it was a wonderful day, because we all together stopped Special Police Force in the penal colony-47 in Nevyansk where after murder of inmate 400 inmates launched a hunger strike. General Khudorozhkov wanted to suppress peaceful protest with help of force. For that purpose special force unit and five prison trucks arrived at. The reason for such reaction was caused incident when convicts in public told Khudorozhkov to go to hell. It happened on 6 July.

On 7 July things changed. Firstly a member of Public Monitoring Committee Vasily Rybakov called me who said that «inmates get brazen and don’t want to work, as a result Khudorozhkov is going to use Special Force Unit». It was not true. I suggested Larisa Zakharova to come there; he replied that «she shouldn’t come over, she will ruin everything». Anyway we showed up there; Zakharova and Dianova were not permitted to go inside of the facility. About this incident and special forces we informed our Moscow colleagues and Ombudsman of the Russian Federation and personally General Rudyi. In the afternoon, defender Anikin with regional Ombudsman went to the penitentiary. Upon arrival Anikin didn’t say even hello to colleagues: Zakharova and Dianova; he didn’t ask why law was violated and other defenders could not step inside.

All day long we have described situation as it was, nothing has been made up. After that in the Internet appeared many angry posts that I spread false information.

I repeat one more time: what was I writing? Only what I have seen and that’s it.


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