the Federal Security Service controls meetings at the pretrial detention center-1?

СИЗО-1 г.Екатеринбурга

the Federal Service for Execution of punishment in the Sverdlovsk region has made some changes in short-meetings for relatives of arrested people at the pretrial detention center-1.

An officer of Republic of Kyrgyzstan Consulate General in Yekaterinburg told human rights defenders of the Urals how many problems citizen of Republic has with a meeting with his relative there.

гражданин КыргызстанаA person (let call him Z.) has information that his son is at the prison hospital. Z. got a court permission for a meeting with son. He arrived at detention center with this permission. Prison officer decided to examine these papers and handed them back saying that he is not allowed to meet with an arrested because he is a foreign citizen. Besides, Z. has to provide them with bunch of papers from Federal Security Service of Russia. Z. didn’t understand what kind of papers he has to get but the only one thing was clear is that he wouldn’t get a meeting. Z. decided to address to Consulate. There are kind officers. Vice-consul having heard him, went with him to the detention center-1. There they again applied for a meeting. That time officer took documents but said Z. had to wait for 10 days as he will send them to the Federal Security Service.

What kind of laws does this officer observe? It’s not clear. He couldn’t explain.

According to Russian laws arrested and convicted may have two meetings per month if it is permitted by law-enforcement or court bodies. About it says P.139 of Rules of internal order. There is no such rule as permission from the Federal Security Service.

Where did prison officers get this new rule? Defenders tried to find out at the Federal Service for Execution of punishment but there was no chief deputy.

Upon this fact defenders have addressed to the Sverdlovsk prosecutor office.

Human rights defenders of the Urals


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