Why do jailers hide arrested people in the pretrial detention center-1?


Today member of Public Monitoring Committee Dmitry Kalinin and I visited the pretrial detention center-1 in Yekaterinburg.

Reason for this inspection was request from relative of citizen of Republic of Kyrgyzstan who is in the facility.

I remind that despite court permission for convict’s father, meeting was not provided; officers demanded to bring permission from Russian Federal Security Service.

Foreign convict happened to be at the prison hospital and couldn’t visit him and talk because doctor Natalya Kudryavceva forbade to meet with him.

We tried to explain her laws and rules but it didn’t help. She said she wouldn’t let us inspect him.

We filed a complaint into Prosecutor office.

Larisa Zakahrova, member of Public Monitoring Committee in the Sverdlovsk region


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