Nuts, but true. Legal literature is not allowed in prison


Today judge of Verkh-Isetsky regional court A. Reutova dismissed a complaint from a convict A. General Khudorozhkov took away from him the book called «Handbook for convicts and their relatives» written by famous human rights defender Andrey Babushkin.

Let’s remind that convict A. while being into solitary of the penal colony-26, decided to prepared a complaint to court when Khudorozhkov came inside and ordered to take away from the book.

That book was taken away. Khudorozhkov ordered to conduct inspection and after it several jailers got disciplinary punishments because they let convict A. have this book.

This convict didn’t agree and went to court.

Meanwhile human rights defenders helped him to protect his rights and in their defense defenders referred it to art. 48 of Constitution of Russia which guarantees a right to legal help and articles 45/46 which guarantee a right to protect one’s rights any lawful means and a right to court.

Now representatives of convict A. are preparing an appeal petition for Sverdlovsk regional court. If defenders lose this trial, convict supported by Human rights Defenders of the Urals is going to search the truth in the Supreme Court.

Human rights defenders of the Urals  


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