Cruel practice of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment

Чудовищный эксперимент ФСИН России

Fund “For convicts’ rights protection” tries to protect inmate Sergey Khmelev. Also organization “Rus’ sidyashaya” and several journalists support him. This inmate is under pressure of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment and Investigative Committee.

But here we need support of all Russian people. If we keep silence now, then system will be torturing and killing us.

The key point of new thing by the Federal Service which teams up with Investigative Committee is:

Firstly officers beat cruelly for everyone to see a person who doesn’t put up with torture system. Then they initiate criminal proceedings for “false denunciation” because that person files complaints about beatings by jailers and officers.

Then before court hearing sadists-officers will deal with “false denunciation” and as a result an inmate cannot exercise a right to protection.

Later court sentences to one more term of imprisonment judging by testimony of cruel officers.

In the end each inmate, who doesn’t agree with rules of officers, gets another sentence.

Recently, in Mordovia the same story took place. Also in Saratov there is a story of Sergey Khmelev. The Saratov region is like place of the Federal Service’s sadism. His fight against system is escalating. In particular:

-Deputy Chief has already told attorney of Sergey that he would plant drugs on her (there is an audiotape);

-Sergey was being beaten before attorney came over.

-He was close to be raped by “convicts-activists”.

And so on…the Saratov Federal Service for Execution of punishment is “possession” of General Gnezdilov who supports sadists of penitentiaries.

Article of Penal Code № 306 – “false denunciation” in penitentiaries has never worked before.

And then somebody has decided to make it work.

Our goal is not to let it happening!!!

Petr Kuryanov, expert of Fund “For convicts’ rights protection”.


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