Atmosphere of fear

Концлагерь современной России?

On 16 August 2015 members of Public Monitoring Committee: Dmitry Kalinin and Olga Dianova inspected the penal colony-54 in Novaya Lyalya.

Result: SHU (empty), squads under high security (one inmate), fourth squad, quarantine zone (perfect conditions; 14 rooms), attorney room and prison hospital (5 inmates).

They talked to inmates and gave lots of useful books to medical staff and inmates.

Living conditions in this penitentiary are one of the best in the region: there are double-glazed windows in premises; in the yard vegetables were planted. Defenders happened to be at the squad under high security at the time of food distribution. Inmates got noodles with meat; it looked good. Inmates also were playing football.

DSC_6780But anyway atmosphere is full of fear and silence. Inmates are sad. Nobody wants to speak about their problems.

Olga Dianova put down complaints about medical treatment.

The facility needs to have X-ray equipment and photofluorograph. Defenders will address to the Federal Service for Execution of punishment.

One more problem is staff shortage.

During inspection an officer was walking with us and constantly interfered in conversations with inmates. Defenders consider it to be obstruction for public inspection.

To make inmates speak out, it’s necessary to visit penitentiaries more often. Unfortunately, we cannot afford it.

Dmitry Kalinin, member of Public Monitoring Committee


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