Information by the Federal Security Service: if you make up stories, then do it right

ФСБ-шные «справочки»: если фантазируете, то хотя-бы грамотно!

After defenders have examined the case of Avazov (this case was framed-up and connected with extremism based on testimony of “convicts-activists” in the penal colony-5 of Nizhny Tagil), they felt sad and ashamed to see level of knowledge of prison officers.

So in the case there is an official response from the Federal Security Service department in Nizhny Tagil which says: “I.B.Avazov in 1995 was involved in gang run by Mansur Mukalov in the Republic of Tadzhikistan, he participated in army actions on the side of the Taliban against government. Besides,Avazov was promoting radical Islam among young people.

This is a hell of information… Department of the Federal Security Service of small town in the Urals “knows” everything about foreign citizen. But Avazov has never been convicted either in Russia or in Tadzhikistan. Or may be so-called “literature of an extremist nature” can be considered as not extremist? And presumption of innocence recognized in the Russian Constitution nobody called it off.

письмо ФСБApparently, our brave law-enforcement bodies make up such background information not only for Avazov… We can imagine how much space for corrupt practices appears… Because officers may give this information or may not…the Federal Security Service knows better…

Their “innocent” game is not just lie but also regular illiteracy.

Well, people, the Taliban never fought against government in Tadzhikistan… It was Afghanistan. Close but not the same country. Yes, there was civil war there between governmental troops and “armed Tadzhik opposition”. Remember, Emomali Rakhmonov and Said Abdullo Nuri? That time President of Russia Boris Yeltsin mediated between them… But what has to do it with the Taliban? There were no the Taliban on the territory of Tadzhikistan.

Here an officer signing this paper “brought back to life” the Taliban.

Human rights defenders of the Urals, patriots of Russia


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