New type of fraud — insurance for inmates

Новый вид мошенничества — страхование заключенных

New wave of questions from relatives of inmates about insurance in penitentiaries on the web-site: “”. These offers are sent by some Suleyman Shebzukhov.

We’ve already answered these questions but I warn you not to make wrong moves. Insurance of convicts is fake because there is no such law in Russia.

No insurance company will take responsibility to do it.

Risk of having tuberculosis in places of detention is high enough. Don’t you think that such insurance companies will pay enormous money for that?!

Besides, just imagine how much they will hide incidents with tortures and diseases if they are under insurance!

Teamwork of officers and insurance companies is like a horror movie!!!

And the last thing… who will let insurance companies within penitentiary to record beatings and??? Only members of Public Monitoring Committee are allowed to visit inmates with no problems.

Don’t trust fraudsters!!! It’s just another extortion of money from people. In Russia there is no even one inmate who got payment of insurance! NO ONE!!!

Oksana Trufanova, member of Chelyabinsk Public Monitoring Committee


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