Police of Yekaterinburg doesn’t respect people. Photo


I, as a defender, got information about low attitude towards people at the police department -11 in Yekaterinburg: people were kept in the corridor on the floor (picture is attached). It happened at night on 15 August 2015. I guess that picture was taken by one of the arrested.

Also, I can say that I saw the arrested people, while expecting officers, didn’t have place to sit. They were waiting on the floor. I think it’s necessary to set more benches for people at the police department-11.

I’m asking to carry out inspection and take measures: it was complaint to Prosecutor office by a member of the Sverdlovsk Public Monitoring Committee-Vyacheslav Bashkov.

Picture was received from a friend of the arrested person,

Vyacheslav Bashkov, member of Public Monitoring Committee



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