Response of human rights defender due to videotape published in mass-media


Mass media has published videotape containing a meeting with a convict with whom I have family relationships. The meeting took place in a room for long-term meetings. Administration allowed it. We wanted to formalize our relations and prison administration was aware of it.

Meetings for legal aid take place in the facility only in an office, so this room is not meant for meetings with lawyers or defenders.

Our marriage registration has been put off due to mother’s death and funerals.

This meeting has nothing to do with my professional life. I will repeat one more time: I met with my fiancé.

That video publication is focused on my defamation as an independent member of Public Monitoring Committee and human rights defender.

Prison Facility in Russia as usual showed its disgusting work by publishing secretly taped video of my personal life. Besides they deceived society saying that I had provided this convict with legal help.

Again the Federal Service for Execution of punishment shows that laws of the Russian Federation are not compulsory to be observed. This fact with video violates laws including article of Russia namely:

Article 23: “Everyone shall have the right to the inviolability of his (her) private life, personal and family privacy, and protection of his (her) honour and good name”.

Article 24: “Collecting, keeping, using and disseminating information about the private life of a person shall not be permitted without his (her) consent.”

Unlawful installation of cameras in the long-term meeting rooms is aimed at extortion.

That videotape is another attack of the Federal Service against me as a human rights defender who speaks about tortures, sexual violence and murders of inmates in the penitentiary facilities in the Sverdlovsk region.

My human rights work bothers General Khudorozhkov. My hunger strike against tortures near the Federal Service’s building revealed a bit his incapability to solve problems by legal means. Before publication of that videotape I got a phone call and unknown person asked me to finish my work; otherwise I will regret. I have such calls constantly. I don’t pay attention already.

It happened when I filed two complaints about illegal obstruction to my work, namely denial of access in the penal colony-46 during mass hunger strike of inmates. The first court hearing is on 10-Sept-2015.

Thus, jailers or people behind them try to erase me from human rights field. Here are some moments:

December 2012— at the penal colony-2 after a meeting with inmates, I was attacked by “convicts-activists”. They threatened to rape me explaining it that it’s all because of my internet articles about tortures.  Criminal proceedings haven’t been initiated yet.

August 2014 – authorities of the Federal Service ordered mobile carrier MTS to block my sim-card, I couldn’t call and receive calls. During court hearings this order was declared unlawful.

June 2015 – somebody wrote a letter that I left my kids and sick mother without care. Police department conducted inspection.

During all my work I’m poured with false information. It’s very bad that several members of Public Monitoring Committee believed in it; they refused to inspect colonies with me.

Larisa Zakharova, member of Public Monitoring Committee.



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