General Khudorozhkov is against an inmate who has legal literature


It’s not a secret that part of the Sverdlovsk penitentiaries has bad reputation among human rights defenders and convicts’ relatives. These facilities are considered to be torture chambers.

General Khudorozhkov doesn’t want to deal with it. For instance, murders in the penal colonies-2 and 46 show that regional prison authorities fail to resolve existing problems. Probably, jailers think that it’s better to fight against inmates who know their rights than against tortures.

Chief of the Federal Service for Execution of punishment-General Khudorozhkov is mad when he sees legal literature in hands of convicts.

Once General noticed in the cell an inmate writing a complaint using handbook “For convicts and their relatives” by famous defender Andrey Babushkin. By order of General prison officers took it away from him. What was wrong with that book?

Суд с Худор-м 001According to prison rules, inmates are allowed to bring religious books in the solitary. There is even a word about legal literature but it says convicts may take books from prison library.

Convict and his defenders have lost this trial at court of the first instance.

the Federal Service for Execution of punishment doesn’t want inmates to have books and protect their rights. It’s better for them when inmates are speechless slaves.

Human rights defenders of the Urals



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