What is going on in this Satan’s lair?


 On 13 October 2015 I conducted legal consultations for inmates of the penal colony-63 in Ivdel.

There were eight people for consultations.

The first one was convict M..; he is for the fifth time in the ward-type rooms. We haven’t seen each other for more than 2 month; he didn’t even know that I came to visit him on 28 August 2015 but due to lack of time we couldn’t meet. He told me that in the facility old inmates meet new ones with beatings and humiliations. When defenders stopped to come over, tortures came back.

Also I found out that on 21 September 2015 convict Tregubov was beaten.

From Tregubov I received refusal of meeting with defenders and me in particular. I didn’t except it at all. He has handled it for 1,5 year. Now they break him.

The next three inmates wrote the same refusals. Those, who have never done it before.

Convict S. didn’t refuse. He participates in witness security protection program after the criminal case in Tyumen where 8 policemen had beaten him.

Two convicts also brought refusals but they said at the pretrial detention center-1 one of them was detained in psych ward. There he was tied up and received psychoactive injections. He cannot sleep, eat and speak. He is asking for help.

By the way, all the refusals have been written the same way; obviously exactly as told.

What is going on in this Satan’s lair… We can only guess…

Larisa Zakharova, expert of Fund “For human rights’ protection”


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